ARS 215

The ARS-215 Sub-Woofer is a 2x15” enclosure designed for the reproduction of the sub low frequency spectrum of sound with a very high quality reproduction.


The ARS-215 system is a subwoofer equiped with a 2x15” loudspeakers. Especially designed for the reproduction of low frequencies sound spectrum, with a high quality.

Typical applications include live concerts and all kinds of media events.

Main features:

  • Double-Tuning, Bandpass design
  • Cabinet Light
  • High resistance
These features contribute to obtain the advantages of a true sub-woofer, very important in a line array installation. The ARS-215 system fits into the rest of the equipment with extra energy at low frequency, very important today in any musical style.

Technical Specifications

Frecuency Response +-3 dB 40 Hz - 75 Hz
Frecuency Range +-10 dB 31 Hz - 90 Hz
Sensitivity(db/2,83V@1m) 101 dB
SPL Max/Peak(dB SPL@1m) 138 dB
Recomended signal processor RAM Audio ADM 24
Recommended crossover L-R 24db/oct 80Hz
Input Power Rating 1400W AES | 2800 W Program
Recommended Power Amp 1200 W - 2200 W RMS 4 Ohm amplifier

Technical Graphs