PM 10

The PM 10 system P.A. or as near field monitor, on stage or on a adjustable tripod, including array, horizontal or vertical.


Powerful. Power. Up to 450 W RMS gives access to make medium-sized events with full credit.

Quality. By using high quality components and constant directivity horns, we get a balanced frequency response with a good feeling at low frequencies of the spectrum, with sharpness and crystallinity in the upper mids, achieving uniformity throughout the audio spectrum.

Technical Specifications

Component LF 1x10"
Component HF 1" Compression Driver
Power Handling 450 AES | 900 W Program
Frecuency Range (hz) 60-18000
Nominal Coverage Horn 40x90º Conical
Impedance 8 Ohm
Conectors 2 SPK-4
Dimensions WxHxD 521x234x294mm
Weight 18 kg